12 Nov 2012
November 12, 2012

Dear 2012 Student Members of the OMYGA


Dear 2012 Student Members of the OMYGA,

Our 2012 OMYGA golf season is rapidly coming to a close in a couple of months. October will be here and our year end banquet will end our 2012 season. Our mission has been to expose our new students to the great game of golf with the hope that they will want to learn the game and learn to play it well. We believe that golf is a great non-traditional sport, offering those that learn it an opportunity to play high school golf, college golf and if the desire gets greater, to play the game at the professional level. It is a game that one can play with family, friends, and others. One can play it for a lifetime. It is our hope that you will have learned our Seven Step Method of making a full golf swing as well as our short game techniques used for scoring, putting, chipping, pitching, fairway shots, tee shots and sand shots (greenside and fairway). We have attempted to teach you the object of the game and the rules that must be learned if you are to play the game fairly.

Some of you have had great attendance, some have had poor attendance, some have paid attention, and some have not. In life, you will only get out of it what you put into it. We have tried to drill our techniques into your mind and body. We have tried to motivate you to learn this great game for the joys that it will bring you in the future. We have tried to make it fun as you learned the game. Our hope is that you will dedicate yourself to learning all that we can teach you in the remaining few weeks so that you will be better prepared to learn more golf in the future.

I want to thank you for staying the course of study offered by the OMYGA to this point. I commend you on seizing the opportunity presented by the OMYGA to learn the game. Please understand, that golf is a very hard game to learn and play well but you are ahead of most in learning the game.

I, Mr. Harris, Mr. Washington, Mr. Dorvilus and our host of Volunteers are very proud of you and hope that you finish out your year with joy and enthusiasm.

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